Share your thoughts

Share your reflections after reading the first three chapters of A Good Day to Die and they will be entered into a story sharing reviewing process that will allow you to tell your story on Veterans helping Veterans TV at a professional film studio. You will be professionally interviewed and your story will be shared on YouTube. If you want to continue serving your country, start by sharing your story and help others to relive their symptoms of anxiety and stress. Your story has the power to heal the world if your willing to step forward. I will cover your six and you can take that to the bank. Gary Ferguson, Author of A Good Day to Die, and founder of Pathways for Veterans, 501c3 non-profit. 

Winners will be announced the first week of each month until Veterans Day 11/11/19. All winners will be interviewed as a group on Veterans Day and one will given access to help in writing their own book about their experience during this process. Let’s start making a difference today not some day in our returning veterans lives and their families. Do you have the right stuff?