Welcome To Pathways

Our Mission Is To Create A Safe Environment Where All Veterans, First Responders And Their Families Can Experience Relief From The Symptoms Of Anxiety, Stress, And Insomnia, While Being Provided Information To Maintain A Healthy Well Balanced Energy Field.


Pathways founder Gary Ferguson has been perfecting his transforaminal protocols using Sound therapy, Flotation Therapy, along with today’s mainstream science and tomorrow’s technology to reduce his personal symptoms of anxiety, stress, and insomnia. Having retired for the third time in 2010 little did he know his personal journey from hell and back was just getting started. Now at 64 year of age he was unable to work 14 hours a day 7 days a week to keep his demons from past traumas hidden. The world he had created with money and fame started to evaporate right before his eyes.

Despite his abstinence from drugs, alcohol, and extreme sports for over twenty-four years his coping mechanism for coping with this trapped emotional energy had come to end. At 64 he was back too square one with no idea of who he was, only where he had been, what he had accomplished and who he thought he was. This web site is dedicated to leaving all its visitors with a pathway forward through self-discovery, while benefiting from a wealth of information, experience, science, energy healing modalities and tomorrow’s technologies from Gary’s personal journey.

The affiliates recommended on this site represent likeminded energy workers. scientists, experiential trainers, and mystics Gary has personally benefited from working with over the past 34 years. These and other Information Facilitators during Gary’s personal transformation to zero-point energy have now banded together. Pathways is now part of the collective “AS One Consciousness” that lies in the timeless space between cause and effect. For those of you who are sick and tired of being sick and tired check us out you just might discover who you really are on your life’s journey