Welcome to Pathways for Veterans

Our mission is to create a safe environment where all veterans, first responders and their families can experience relief from the symptoms of anxiety, stress, and insomnia, while being provided information to maintain a healthy well balanced energy field.

Board Members

Gary Ferguson – Founder and CEO

Gary Ferguson is a highly decorated Vietnam combat veteran (Tet 1967 – 1968)

“Pathways for Veterans was created as a non-profit 501(c)(3) to help other veterans understand the VA resources and offerings. The Pathways program will enroll you in transformational activities that help guide you along the way.”

View detailed documentation of Gary Ferguson’s military service . . .

Scott McCullough – Board Member

Scott is a devoted father of two beautiful young children and adoring husband. He has had a long and varied career path including but not limited to his work as a firefighter in the USAF, youth counselor, drug rehab counselor for Florida Corrections, special events coordinator for Junior Achievement of Northwest Florida, real estate broker and jobs in various construction related fields. Scott graduated from the University of West Florida with a masters degree in psychology. He is USAF and a Desert Storm Veteran (1990-1991).

His dedication, commitment and true compassion for others has led him to join the Pathways team. He has found his calling for life. The PATH he was meant to follow and is ready to aid you on the beginning of your Journey.

Debbie DiManno – Board Member

Debbie’s path to Cour Training took her from a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Physiology to various careers in the medical field modalities such as Cardiology, GI and Genetic Biotech. Her interests took her into the the business sector working for Fortune 500 companies such as HP, Philips, Siemens and Exact Sciences.

She spent 30 years working in Western Medicine and her extreme health issues made it clear that Western Medicine didn’t have all the answers. She understood that much of her healing had to come from within. She realized that her “biography was her biology”. She became “well” as a result of using modalities like mindfulness, meditation, and yoga. She has always been a natural coach and found herself inspired to share everything she has learned.