Pathways is Proud to Collaborate With Dr. Keerthy Sunder, MD

Meet Dr Sunder

Dr. Keerthy Sunder, MD is an accomplished Physician with extensive experience as a clinician, researcher, administrator, teacher, lecturer and writer for peer-reviewed journals and professional book chapters.

Dr. Keerthy currently serves as Medical Director for the Mind & Body Treatment and Research Institute in California and Principal Scientific Investigator for an FDA Study on Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in returning War Veterans in Riverside, California. He has worked on over 30 Research Protocols focused on Schizophrenia, Bipolar disorder, Major Depressive Disorder, and Substance Use Disorders, as well as having served as a Research Psychiatrist or Co-Investigator on studies related to Pregnancy and Postpartum disorders.  His work has been published in the American Journal of Psychiatry, Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, and most recently, the Journal of Addiction Therapy and Research. His latest publication raises awareness of the importance of Mindfulness Meditation in building Resilience in the throes of Addictions and PTSD (Link).  His book, Addictions: Face Your Addiction and Save Your Life, an Amazon International Best Seller was published in 2014.

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