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Our mission is to create a safe environment where all veterans, first responders and their families can experience relief from the symptoms of anxiety, stress, and insomnia, while being provided information to maintain a healthy well balanced energy field.


Thoughts Become Things

by Gary Ferguson My very life depends on my moment-by-moment prayers and meditation practices. Have you asked yourself how many of us get to experience

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Stage 2 of Awakening

By Gary Ferguson During this stage of questioning the doubts experienced in stage one begin to turn into meaningful questions. The first signs of movement

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Stage 3 of Awakening

By Gary Ferguson During this stage of introspection, immense personal and spiritual growth starts the conscious evolution through self-discovery. In Stage 2, we rebelled against

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Stage 4 of Awakening

During this stage of resolution, your authentic (true) self has finally overshadowed your inauthentic (false ) self; or also known as the egoic self. The

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Stage 5 of Awakening

By Gary Ferguson Stage 5 of Awakening, is the stage of conscious creation or the ability to consciously create one’s life from the awake state.

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The Vicious Cycle of IT

By Gary Ferguson In my previous blog posts beginning with, thoughts become things and subconscious mind programming, you were provided with some background of relatedness

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Share your thoughts

Share your reflections after reading the first three chapters of A Good Day to Die and they will be entered into a story sharing reviewing process

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Gary’s Story

Gary Ferguson, Founder & CEO of Pathways for Veterans, Inc. Gary Ferguson is a highly decorated Vietnam combat veteran (Tet 1967 – 1968) “Pathways for

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Transformational Education

Interview Gary Ferguson, Founder/CEO Pathways for Veterans Q: What would you say to those who are considering participating in Pathways for Veterans 30-day extended evaluation?

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