Veteran Small Business Financing

Pathways is proud to partner with Sue Malone

Sue is the founder of Strategies for Business. This partnership brings the services and expertise of Sue Malone to the local veteran community as well as information on the programs available through Pathways. Through our combined efforts, we provide support to veterans and their families as they create a new life after military service.

Veteran Small Business Financing

Her sole mission for the last five years has been to help people obtain access to capital to start or expand their businesses. In doing so, one of her specialties has been small business start-up loans. And she has done so exceptionally well. She is the undisputed, number one SBA loan provider for the Community Express Loan Program in the nation. As of April 2008, she is responsible for closing over 20,000 of these much needed loans.

She is a grassroots provider of these loans, serving all communities across the United States. As one of the busiest women in America, she is on the road constantly, dispensing a plethora of capital through innumerable loan workshops to: organizations, groups, churches, associations, chambers of commerce, non-profits, colleges, franchises, and entrepreneurial organizations.

For seven years, Strategies for Small Business has been a leader in providing SBA loans to businesses throughout the country. We use only one program (SBA Patriot Express and Export Express) for a reason. This is because it has been specially devised by the U.S. Small Business Administration to be quick, modest on paperwork, and reasonably priced. Let our dedication be the impetus in opening wide the doors of your expansion. No company has worked as hard to help businesses achieve their well deserved prosperity.

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